We are an integrated seafood producer company. With innovation and management, we continue to set global standards for superior products that are market driven

01. Our Vision

Become a leading company in the integrated
fishing industry

02. Our Mission

  1. For Customers

Provide Satisfaction For Customers Through The Provision Of Products And Services That Meet And Exceed Customer Expectations

  1. For Employees

Provide Opportunities For All Employees To Develop Themselves In Order To Improve Welfare

  1. For Shareholders

Giving Earning Per Share Or The Best Dividend

  1. For Business Partners

Establish Mutually Beneficial And Sustainable Partnerships

03. Our Value

  1. Continues To Grow
  2. Work Smart : Work Effectively And Efficiently
  3. Integrity : In each activity always prioritize transparency, accountability, and responsibility
  4. High Performance : The Company Has A High Performance Principle To  Meet Customers In Quality, Quantity And Continuity
  5. Homely : Comfort At Work
  6. Commitment : Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Stakeholders

B. Company History

PT. Kbt Seafood International was established on March 26, 2008, The company is engaged in the industry of processing and trade sectors of fishery products. The Company started its commercial operations in 2018.

The company is  producing various types of frozen products (frozen fish, frozen fillets, canned crab meat, octopus, squid, frozen shrimp) which are sold to the international market.

The company continues to focus on providing the best service to customers.

Through transformation, the company is moving towards the goal of providing excellent service in the fisheries sector it focuses on. This step is also an effort to create synergy between business units in order to Become The Leading Integrated Fishery Company in The World”.

Through the support and involvement of an experienced management team and staff, PT. Kbt Seafood International establishes operational policies that adhere to the principles of quality, effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism